3D Real-time - United Airlines VR Experience



United Polaris hired ThinkingBox to create a VR experience to showcase their new business class lounge and in-flight experience.

I was responsible for modeling and texturing a large portion of the lounge assets, as well as assisting with lighting and post production on much of the interior of the plane. I then brought the assets into the Unreal Engine and optimized them to run at the frame rate required for a smooth VR experience.

The experience was run on the Oculus CV1, and began touring the United States in June of 2016. The 360 video can be seen below (while watching the video, use your touchscreen or mouse to look around).

I was also responsible for much of the camera animation for the United Case Study, seen further down this page.


United Polaris - 360 Video

United Airlines ThinkingBox Case Study